Wall of Fame


Inductees by Induction Class Year

Class of 2015

Jennifer Caffarelli, Women's Lacrosse, 2006-09

Julian 'BJ' Lovett, Football, 1998-99

Earl Utter, Men's Ice Hockey Coach, 1997-2007


Class of 2013

Dr. Raymond Cross, President 1997 - 2011

Ousman “Papa” Jobe, Men’s Soccer, 1975 – 77

Elisa “Lee” Oliver, Women’s Basketball, 2000 – 02

Susan Schmidtka, Athletics Groundskeeper, 1996 – 2011


Class of 2011

LeeAnne Weigand, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball, 1975 – 1977

2001-02 National Championship Men’s Ice Hockey Team


Class of 2009

1980 National Championship Men’s Soccer Team

Jack VanIngen, Men’s Lacrosse Coach, 1975

Renee Gates, Swimming and Diving, 1991-93


Class of 2007

Alex Lewis, Football and Track and Field, 2000-02

Bill Henggeler, Basketball, Baseball and Football, 1948-50

Custavious Patterson, Football, 1998-99

Frank Baumgardner, Ice Hockey, 2000-02

Jim Hall, Wrestling Coach, 1987-99

Paul Rose, Men’s Lacrosse Coach, 1987-2007


Class of 2006

Bob Cafarelli, Football, Basketball and Baseball, 1939-40

Ian Martin, Men’s Soccer, 1978-79

James Pomilio, Football, Basketball and Baseball, 1946

Stan Damon, Football, 1949-50

Walter Scram, Football, Basketball and Baseball, 1939-40


Class of 2005

Pete Vercillo, Football, 1952-53


Class of 2004

Dennis Nostrand, Wrestling Coach, 1983-87

Tom Barbur, Basketball and Baseball, 1949-51


Class of 2000

Dom ‘Carts’ Caraccilo, Football and Baseball, 1952-54

Keith Wolling, Track and Field, 1972-73

Michael Spohn, Wrestling, 1967-69

Steve Morgan, Soccer and Wrestling, 1967-69

Tony Simone, Football, 1948-50


Class of 1999

Ben Collins, Soccer, 1981-82

Kermit Nichols, Cross Country, 1938-39

Ralph Riese, Wrestling, 1966-67

William Carr, Alpine and Nordic Skiing Coach, 1970-80


Class of 1998

Bob Schenkenberger, Football and Baseball, 1953-55

Jana DeVencenzo, Field Hockey, Softball and Soccer Coach, 1969-97

Mike McLaren, Basketball and Baseball, 1951-53

Taney Beaumont, Football, Basketball and Baseball Coach, 1953-62

William Haflin, Football and Baseball, 1953-55


Class of 1997

Art Lemery, Athletic Director, Soccer Coach, 1965-95

Conrad Mirizio, Football, Basketball and Baseball, 1949-50

Delos ‘DH’ Brooks, Football Coach, 1923-55

Dodge Monteleone, Football, 1950-51

Gary Seymour, Wrestling, 1967-68

George Spader, Men’s Basketball and Baseball Coach, 1923-58

Jim Weeks, Basketball, 1957-58

John DeVencenzo, Athletic Director, Wrestling and Baseball Coach, 1962-92

Lisa Fuchs, Soccer and Basketball, 1985-86

Robert Drake, Athletic Director, Football, Basketball and Baseball Coach, 1948-78

Victor Huerta, Soccer, 1973-74

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