Athletic Training Information

On behalf of the Sports Medicine Staff, we’d like to welcome you to Morrisville State College! We look forward to assisting you with prevention and rehabilitation of any injuries that should occur during your four years of athletic participation as a Mustang.

We work closely with Hamilton Orthopedics and the Student Health Center at Morrisville State College to provide a quick injury diagnosis, so we can commence with the proper rehabilitation techniques and return you to action!

Below you will find important information as it pertains to Athletic Training at Morrisville State College and your participation as a student-athlete. If at anytime you have any questions, please reach out to us so we may better assist you.


Athletic Training Staff

Todd Kleinhans

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine

Phone: 315-684-6579



Brad Becker

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 315-684-6893



Jordan Farrar

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 315-684-6893



Pre-Participation Requirements

For participation in intercollegiate athletics at Morrisville State College, all student-athletes must complete and/or update their medical information with the Sports Medicine staff.

All freshmen, transfers and new student-athletes must have a physical on file with the college within 6 months of initial participation in athletics.

Please review the documents below:


Concussion Management

As a student-athlete at Morrisville State College, we require that you take a concussion education class. The point is to help educate you on the severity of concussion as well as the signs and symptoms of concussions.

Click here to Complete Online Concussion Education through Concussion Wise

Go to the link listed above, you will be directed to Morrisville State Colleges educational page. Click on the tab that says athlete, you will be presented with an educational video. You must watch the video in its entirety. It is not possible to skip forward through the video. Each video is approximately 20 minutes in length.

Note that you should not refresh or reload their browser, or navigate away from this page during the presentation. Doing so will restart the video from the beginning.

Once the video has ended, you will be asked to enter your name, email and select Morrisville State in the school drop down box. It is critical that you select Morrisville State in the drop down or it will not record that you completed the course.

A link to the post-test will appear in the video. You must get a score of 80 or higher, if not you will have to retake the test.



Drug Testing

Morrisville State College is concerned with the health, safety and welfare of the student athletes who participate in its programs and represent the college in competitive athletics. Substance abuse is one of the most important issues facing athletics and society today. The use of illegal drugs, misuse of legal drugs and dietary supplements, use of performance-enhancing substances, use of alcohol and inappropriate use of tobacco are inconsistent with the standards expected of student-athletes at Morrisville State College. Substance use and abuse in sport can pose risks to a student-athlete’s health/safety and negatively affect his/her academic and athletic performance. Substance use and abuse in sport may also compromise the integrity of athletic competition and the ideals of
Morrisville State College.
The Athletic Department believes that random drug testing and testing based on reasonable suspicion are appropriate to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our student-athletes, to promote fair competition in intercollegiate athletics, to affirm compliance with applicable rules and regulations on drug and alcohol abuse, to identify student-athletes who are improperly using drugs or alcohol and to assist them before they harm themselves or others. Furthermore, the Athletic Department recognizes its responsibility to provide educational programming that will support a positive decision making process.
The intent of these policies is to prevent substance use and abuse by student-athletes through education, testing, and professional guidance.
  • Education – providing student-athletes and athletic staff with accurate information about the problems associated with substance use in sport, promoting health and safety in sport;
  • Testing – analyzing biological specimens to detect prohibited substances student-athletes may introduce to their bodies and associated sanctions resulting from use detailed in this policy; and
  • Professional Referral – facilitating appropriate treatment and rehabilitation of student athletes.


Other Information